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a plane with an airspeed of 192mi/h is headed on a bearing of 121 degrees. a north wind is blowing (from north to south) at 15.9 mi/h . find the ground speed and the actual bearing of plane.

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    I will assume you are using the standard 'true north' reference and a clockwise rotation resulting a vector in the fourth quadrant with a magnitude of 192.

    draw a vector from the end of the previous vector due south with a magnitude of 15.9

    draw in the resultant vector

    by cosine law:
    R^2 = 192^2 + 15.9^2 - 2(192)(15.9)cos 121º

    R will be the ground speed.

    Use the Sine Law to find the angle across from the 15.9 side, add that angle to 121 and you have your actual bearing.

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    is it gonna be right traingle or what?

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    * *
    15.9 * 121 *
    * *
    *))90 (( *

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