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spainish 7 grade

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I am trying to translate the following sentence from english to spanish is there a web- site that may be able to help me thanks

The family will wash clothes. Please do not send any clothes to be washed thanks.

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    Here are two very good sites for translation.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. We suggest you do NOT use a translation site! First of all, they never work well because they can not get the "nuances" of a language. Secondly, you will learn nothing! What you need to do is learn how to use a dictionary, understand Spanish word order, try your best and then post here for proofreading. That is the only way you will learn where you tend to make mistakes, learn why and correct that so you never make that particular mistake again.

    If you have been asked to translate, it means you are studying a certain structure (grammar) and vocabulary and are asked to put those things to work. Trial and error is the very best way to learn.

    Either you are in Level I and the "will wash clothes" is the "ir + a + infinitive" construction. If you are in a higher level of Spanish, you may actually have learned the future "will." The second sentence is either a command (if you are learning those) or a very easy construction using an infinitive.

    Now, YOU DO the work first and then we will HELP!


  • spainish 7 grade -

    who cares about the "nuances" of a language that is being rammed down Americas throat's. Make them learn english or go back home

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