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Find the area and the circumference of a four leaf clover with the square length to be 6 cm

This is a square in the center with 4 semicircles "glued" to the sides. Use Pi = 3.14 and ROUND your answers to the nearest WHOLE unit)

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    four semicircles is really 2 full circles

    So the area would be the square plus 2 circles.
    Area = 36 + pi(3)^2
    = 64.26 or 64 cm^2 to the nearest whole number

    The circumference would simply be the sum of the arcs of the four semicircles or the circumference of two circles

    C = 2(2pi(3)) = 37.68 cm or 38 cm rounded to nearest whole number

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    Can I get help with some problem that its asking saying, "An inscribed regular triangle is removed from a circle with a circumference of 36 pie. Find the remaining area.

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