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In the Globe Theatre (the very first one), where were the 'poor spectators' accomadated and where were the 'rich'?

I think the poor may have been the ones standing in 'the pit' but i`m not too sure.

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    Yes. The poor spectators stood in the pit by the stage.

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    A lot of these poor spectators were teenaged boys who skipped out on their apprenticeships to see a play. I believe that Shakespeare wrote some of the fight scenes -- as the one that begins Romeo and Juliet to grab their interest.

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    Thanks so much Ms. Sue =)

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    You're welcome, Lena. :-)

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    P.S. The one-penny seats were in an open pit around the stage. the two-penny seats were covered. There used to be the most fabulous Virtual Tour of the Globe online but it is no longer available. However, Clemson University has a nice one which takes a long time to download but is worth it. Let us know if you would like that link.


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