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katrina has 3 apples, 2 oranges, and 1 peach in a cowl. if she randomly selects one apple and one orange to practice sketching and then puts the fruit back in the bowl then repeats the steps, What are all the possible combinations for the sketches she can make? list all the outcomes.

i got that there were 5 outcomes: aa,ao,ap,oo,op

but my i wasn't in class when we went over this and my friend wrote on my paper that there are 8 outcomes. if so ehat would they be and how do you get 8???

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    aa, ao, ap, oo, op
    there are five, unless order is important:
    aa, ao, ap, oo, op, oa, pa, po
    and then there are eight.

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    thanks so much that's what i thought to. and it would be the same combination whether the order is backwords or forwards.

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    i know, but say order matters. as in, the first one picked is in the foreground and the second one picked is placed in the background. it would result in different sketches.

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