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using a constant rate, you can saw a log into 3 pieces in 12 minutes. At the sam constant rate, how long will it take you to cut a siliar log (if the same size) into 6 pieces?

would you do a rate formula or what?
I'm really stuck on this one!

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    If it takes you 4 minutes to make one slice (12/3 = 4), then it should take 4 times 6 to saw a similar log into 6 pieces.

    4 * 6 = 24

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    Arrg, stop deleting my message, my last one was correct.
    first of all, cutting 2 slices of a log will make it into 3. if it took 12 minutes to cut 2 slices into 3, it takes 6 minuts to cut a slice.
    Now taking the same log, you need 6 pieces. so cutting 3 more times in addition to the first two would mean 30 mins.
    2 slices = 3 pieces
    from 3 logs, 3 slice = 6 pieces
    5 slice x 6 minutes each = 30 mins

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    I goofed! You're right, Chris. :-)

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    2 cuts = 3 pieces
    1 cut = 6 minutes.
    5 cuts = 6 pieces
    5 cuts = 30 minutes.

    Right on Chris.

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