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This is my finished rough draft: (Please proofread)
I have had many relationships throughout my life that have helped to build my character. Everything I have gone through and everyone I’ve encountered in my life has made me who I am today. These relationships and experiences are very important to me.
One of my relationships is with my family. My mom and dad are the biggest contributors to shaping my character. They have taught me morals my entire life. They instilled in me good values that make up my character. I have them to thank for the person I am today.
My relationship with my Grandma is a very important part of my character building. My other three grandparents passed away before I was born and when I was younger, so my Grandma is very important and special to me. She’s been a key person in developing my character. Just like my parents, my Grandma has taught me virtues such as respect and responsibility. She’s taught me the importance of service to others as well.
My friends are a vital ingredient in my character. They are an important part of who I am. We know each other really well and have contributed to each other’s character. We’re constantly learning and growing, but the important thing is that we’re doing it together. We support each other and are always there for one another. We exemplify outstanding character traits to the best of our abilities each day of our lives. One trait is respect. My friends and I show respect for each other, our teachers, our peers, and the Earth, just to name a few. We also show care for the people around us. We serve others as a way to be more like Jesus and to give back to our community. We are honest with each other. Everyday, we grow into more responsible and compassionate young adults.
The relationships I’ve had so far in my life have been huge factors in developing my character. I am who I am today especially because of the relationships I have with my mom, dad, Grandma, and friends. I am forever grateful to them for their influence on myself.
Thanks for reading this! Please give me feedback- it would be most helpful! Thanks again

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    Ok, Anon... one BIG suggestion... there is a lot of repetition and no real specifics. See if you can think of one exact time, something someone said, something someone did....tell that story. That will make your essay much more meaningful and much more interesting.

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    You also need to run a spell check to make sure no words are spelled incorrectly

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