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i am writing a poem for spanish and in the poem we have to say a phrase about an animal.
i have a crocodile. what is a good phrase that i can say in spanish about a croc?
thanks sooo much!


    You could mention somehow that the crocodile is used in phrases such as "See you later, alligator -- in awhile, crocodile" or that sorta thing. lol its the best i can think of!!


    You can say
    el cocodrilo es un animal peligroso
    tiene unna boca grande
    y dientes filosos.
    So... the crocodile is a dangerous animal, it has a big mouth and sharp


    Thank you all for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. It's easy to rhyme in Spanish, if that's your plan. Keep it "simple" and use the vocbulary and structures you have learned in class. If you have time, post it here for help.


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