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Comparative Essay HELP!

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Hello all...

I am in a bit of a pickle at the moment.

I have my English (4U) ISP due on Tuesday - a 1000 word comparative essay on the novels "Angela's Ashes" and "The Woman Who Walked Into Doors" ....and I'm a little lost.

What to compare? The authors style? The main themes? Different teachers want different things, right?
Does comparing involve only the things that link them, or should I be adding also the things that make them different?

I know it seems silly that I've never done a comparative essay before - and yes I have checked various sites with my queries, but I definetley need some real-live help.

I'm also worried about making it too cut-and-dry - I'm sure my teacher will have no place in her heart for another boring essay to be made to read.
So... pretty much ANY help would be good help at the moment, having read the books or not.

Site links, tips, example essays.... anything.

Thanks a bundle you guys!!

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