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My debate is in three days time PLEASE HELP!!!
I have adopted the split: Society and Individual.
My side on the debate is: negetive.
The topic is: That womans and mens sport should have equal airtime on television.
My first point is: Economy.
What should my second point be?

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    Form you information, you have the negative stance of having equal time for women's sports on TV. What will you be saying about the economy?

    Have you thought about maintaining gender roles? The effect on family responsibilities? The effect of pregnancy on competitors? The difficulty in obtaining enough participants to provide equal time? Problems in finding sponsors?

    Not only do you need to consider your con arguments, but the counter arguments
    against your stance and your response to these arguments.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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    In addition to economy, you could argue that equal opportunity for women in all sports is condusive to better health and better self image for women.

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