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what other services (social and health) might be needed by the mentally ill?

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    What services have already been discussed?

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    None have been discussed.

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    Then I don't understand your question. It states: "What OTHER services might be needed?" That assumes that some services have already been discussed.

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    I'm sorry about the mix up. The question is:
    What are the services (social and health) that might be needed by the mentally ill?


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    Mentally ill people often need someone to make sure they take their medications, help them get and keep jobs, help them get food stamps or other financial assistance if necessary, and in some instances keep them out of trouble with the law.

    Check this site.

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    Often mentally ill people need help finding, paying for, and keeping suitable housing.

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    This helps me a great deal to construct my response. Thank you Ms. sue!

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    You're welcome, Mary.

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    I think that mentally ill people also need a place to go that they feel comfortable to sit and discuss their issues. Sometimes family and friends can be percieved to them as judgemental and further distroys their self esteem and self will to get the help they require. So, perhaps you can look into counceling services or groups for people that are all mentally ill that could be a daily or weekly place for them to visit. They can be with people who are just like them and going through the same issues. I am not sure if something like that even exsists yet, so that might be a great thing to bring to your assignment.
    (also, just like senior citizen community centers, they could have a bus service that does a few different routes to pick them up, because going with what Sue had said about finding housing or jobs and money, they might not have the proper transportation to get them back and forth to the services they need)

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    Thank you for your brilliant input Jamie!!

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    What other services (social and health) might the mentally ill need?

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    something like this does exist its facilities like CWTC and PARC.

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