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A cylindrical tank has a height of 8 feet and a diameter of 2 3/4 feet.

Use pi= 3.14

What is the lateral surface area?

What is the lateral surface area ?

If a quart of paint covers 100 square feet, how many quarts of paint will be needed to paint the lateral surface area of the tank? quart(s) (Round to the nearest whole quart)

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    i Got 69.08 square feet

    828.96 square inches

    and i don't know how to figure the last one

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    your area of 69.08 square feet is correct.

    but 69.08 is not 828.96 square inches
    you have to multiply by 144 to change square feet to square inches.
    Why are you changing to square inches anyway? Where does that come in ?

    If one quart covers 100 square feet , and you have 69 square feet to paint, wouldn't you just need 1 quart???

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