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based on the balanced eq: c6h12+9O2->6CO2+6H2O

calculate the molecules of CO2 formed when 174 molecules of H20 form.

im not exactly sure how to start this problem.

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    Okay, this is what I think... it seems to be too easy.

    So the reaction produces 6 moles of CO2 and 6 moles of H2O, that mean they have a ratio of 1 to 1. In other word, when you have 174 moles of H2O, then you'll also have 174 moles of CO2... so there isn't really any calculation you need to do in this problem.

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    One slight problem.
    174 molecules is not 174 moles.
    174 molecules x (1 mol/6.02 x 10^23 molecules) = # mols CO2 produced if you want to go that way. Otherwise, the reasoning is sound; therefore, 174 molecules of water will be formed when 174 molecules of CO2 are formed.

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