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I have to write a paragraph about driving and my car with a story about a driving experience. Unfortunately I forgot my book and I'm trying to come up with something on my own. My French isn't that good either. Could someone please help me with the words I don't understand and check my work? Merci!

I can't drive yet and I don't have a car, but I am learning to drive. I'm not very good. The last time I drove, I crashed. A dog crossed the street, and I thought I was going to hit him. So I turned right and hit a fence. I don't think my parents want me to use their car now.

Attempted French:
Je ne peux pas encore conduire et je n'ai pas une voiture, mais j'apprends conduire. Je ne suis pas vraiment bonne. La dernière fois que j'ai conduit, je (not sure how to say crashed). Un chien a traversé la rue, et j'ai pensé que j'ai allé le frapper. J'ai tourné à droite et j'ai frappé (I don't know how to say "a fence"). Je ne pense pas que mes parents me veulent utiliser leur voiture maintenant...

I know it's probably way off, but I really need some help. Some words I don't know without my text and I don't trust those translators. Thanks!

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Invest in a good English--->French/French--->English dictionary. Here is how to use it:
    1. take the English word, look it up in French.
    2. write down ALL the possibilities.
    3. take each possibility and look it for the PRIMARY English meaning. You will have surprises!
    4. select the best work, based on the context, or exactly how you used it.

    Now, as to what you attempted:
    je 'ai pas de voiture = I have no car
    j 'apprends à conduire = the verb appren dre takes the preposition à before an infinitive.

    "Je ne suis pas vraiment bonne" is too literal and someone will think you are a bad person! Je ne conduis pas très bien = seems better.

    to crash = j'ai écrasé la voiture = I crashed the car OR j'ai frappé quelque chose or even "j'ai eu un accident."

    When you can't find "crash" use a synonym: hit, struck, etc.

    j'ai pensé que j'allais le frapper.

    a fence = une palissade

    Je pense que mes parents ne vont pas me laisser utiliser leur voiture maintenant. OR always SIMPLIFY: je crois que mes parents ne me permettent utiliser leur voiture maintenant. There is a difference between "penser" to have the thought or "croire" to already have the belief.

    Feel free to repost if you'd like but I'll not be back this evening.


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