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I am creating a powerpoint presentation on the Hierarchy of Needs. Each page has to be a personal take on each need and had to include images. What type of images represent self esteem needs and self actulization needs? I made the decision to apply to nursing school. Can that be a self actualization?

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    Yes, your decision to apply to nursing school is an example of self-actualization.

    Self-esteem needs could be illustrated by a smiling person, or a person who is the center of attention in a group of people. How about a picture of a smiling toddler who is just learning to walk?

    Self-actualization could be illustrated by a smiling nurse, doctor, musician, teacher, or artist.

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    Self-esteem needs might also be illustrated for you by showing person in a graduation ceremony, nursing or not.

    Self-actualization is an ongoing process, never completely achieved. It is somewhat like the old army slogan, "Be all you can be." Whenever you reach one goal, it opens up other possibilities. This could be illustrated by a nurse caring for a patient. A person daydreaming of future accomplishments is another possibility.

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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