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Sorry If I am botherthing you again, But I have another assignment:

You're visiting a botanical garden. As you enter the gate, you read the sign. Fill in the missing verbs:

1. (pagar)----------la entrada en la caja
= pagues

2.(entrar)No ---------sin pagar!
= entres

3. (mirar)---------las flores!
= mires

4. (tocar) No----------las flores!
= Toques

Several friends are helping you set up for a party. Tell them what to do.(note: this exercise was kinda confusing to me, but I tried my best):

1. (colgar) Ricardo,----------los globos ahi!
= Colges

2.(poner) Gladys.---------- los refrescos en esa mesa!
= pones

3.(traer) Estela, no---------el pastel ahora!

4.(prepares) Mirta,---------la limonada ahora!
= prepares

5.(ayudar) Mirta, --------a Arturo con las decoraciones!
= ayudes

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    As usual, my eyes will not stand scanning up and then down and then up again, etc. So I am printing them out and then I can explain it better to you.


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    No bother, especially when you begin to understand and do it perfectly, like te one you posted just before this one!

    The instructions said that you're visiting a botanical garden. If you see the sign at the gate, it will NOT be a tú/familiar command. They often are written in the infinitive form = easy! (Pagar) OR since they don't know the person reading it, the usted or formal command = PAGUE for #1

    #2 same reason as above. (NO ENTRE)

    #3 same reason as above. (MIRE)

    #4 negative usted/formal command = NO TOQUE

    Part II. Now you are speaking to FRIENDS. Since that could be plural, and you don't use "vosotros/vosotras" you would have to use ustedes/formal plural. However, in front of the comma (,) is the one person to whom you are speaking, so that will be a tú/familiar command, either affirmative as #1, #2 or negative, as #3.

    1. (stem-changing verb o--->ue) CUELGA

    2. (irregular command) = PON

    3. (only "yo" form as a different stem) = TRAE

    4. PREPARA

    5. AYUDA

    Here is what you need to know. The affirmative regular tú/familiar command, looks EXACTLY like the 3rd person singular of the Present Tense. Look at the punctuation to see if it a statement OR a command.

    María trae la comida. = Mary brings food. (this is simply a statement)

    María, trae la comida. = Mary, bring the food. (this is a command)

    First of all, I hope you understand where you went wrong.

    Then I hope you have MANY more to do so we can be sure you DO understand the concept!


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    Thanks for your help. I'm pretty confident that I can do the others correctly now. Thanks again.

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