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i am doing a research report on proving that the animals from the past were different and more dangerous then they are now....

i have to make an can i set it up??

any ideas on an outline...plz

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    This site has a model outline.

    (Broken Link Removed)

    Before you go too far, you need to decide what you mean by "past." Do you mean 100 years? 1,000 years? 5,000 years? 1,000,000 years?

    What do you mean by dangerous? To whom or what? If you're referring to dinosaurs, there were not people around then.

    Also -- remember that human beings are the most dangerous animal that ever existed. We kill millions of animals for food and sport. We kill millions of other humans in wars.

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    da animals i researched to provve how big they are existed millions of years ago...wat i am trying to prove is that if those animals were still alive...they would be very dangerous to have around...because of their size and stuff like that...

    i just need a way in which i can organize my report...[[outline]]

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    I'm sorry, but I posted the wrong link. Check these sites for how to make an outline.

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    thanks for the websites...

    how do u think i should split up my information though???

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    You could concentrate on three different ancient animals and prove that they were more dangerous than modern animals.

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    the problem is that i have info on many animals because the report must be 4 to 5 pages long

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    Can you group them by types of animals -- like big cats, dinosaurs, mammoths?

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    yes...but...wat else other than information about da animals can i add???

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    I don't know what information you already have.

    Remember that your basic thesis is that these animals are more dangerous than modern animals. I'm not sure you can prove that a saber toothed tiger was more dangerous than modern tigers, though. Did they eat more meat? Were they bigger and stronger?

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    i have a lot of info. on different animals

    do u suggest including info. about reptiles, mammals, ect. [[in general]]???

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    Yes. And that would be a good way to group them.

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    ok...thank you...

    one more u have any good websites in which they include information about each type of animal???i would like them to explain maybe a brief thing about how that certain type of animal was different to the ones now

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    Check these sites.

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    ok thank you...

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    You're welcome. Enjoy your research.

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