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A plant manager built a storage container that is 4 yd long, 10yd wide, and 2 yd tall to store foam reanuts. If the manager purchases bags that contain 7FTcubed of peanuts how many bags of peanuts will it take to fill the container? I converted the yd's to ft and calculated the volume as below.

I went with the volume of the contain as 2,160' with the volume of the peanut bags as 343' so I said 6.3 bags is that right?

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    The volune of the container (2160 ft^3) is OK, but I interpret the peanut bag volume as being 7 ft^3, not 7^3 = 343 ft^3.
    2160/7 = 308 bags

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    So, the symbol 7ft cubed is different than 7 cubed? I'm only a 5th grader sorry.

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    7 ft^3 or 7 feet cubed means 7 cubic feet
    If a cube it means length of one side cubed = 7
    or the length of one side = about 1.91 feet.

    Admittedly the statement is kind of confusing. To get 343 ft^3 they would have to say that the volume of a bag was 343 ft^3.

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