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What is true:
A.Liberals want to keep status Quo
B.Moderates want to keep status Quo
C.Reactionaries will do anything to keep status quo, or
D.Status quo does not change...

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    What do you think the best answer is?

    Hint: look up the definition of status quo.

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    ok i know its not D....

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    I disagree with your answer.


    "American Heritage Dictionary -
    n. The existing condition or state of affairs."

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    i don't get it why not?

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    By definition, the status quo does not change.

    The very nature of liberals is to change the status quo. Moderates usually are satisfied with some parts of the existing conditions, but may want some changes. Radicals often want to change the status quo -- such as get rid of the income tax. Conservatives are the only group that is usually satisfied with the status quo.

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    i am currently in government and it says the status quo can change

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