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How do you graph the quadratic formula x^2-10x=11? Here's what I got so far:

In standard form, it's x^2-10x-11=0.
Discriminant: -10^2-4(1)(-11)=144
Axis of Symmetry: 10^2/2(1)=50
Quadratic Formula: 56 and 44

Thank You!

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    <<How do you graph the quadratic formula x^2-10x=11?>>

    your question makes little sense, we do not
    "graph" the quadratic formula.

    Are you solving the equation?
    then ...
    x^2 - 10x - 11 = 0
    which factors nicely to
    (x-11)(x+1) = 0

    so x = 11 or x = -1

    there is no "axis of symmetry" here, to have one you would need the corresponding quadratic function
    f(x) = x^2-10x-11

    You could graph this, its vertex would be (-5,64)
    and the axis of symmetry for that parabola would be x = -5

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