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Good afternoon,
Could you please help me make sure i have translated these sentences correctly.
1)Comment tu te sentiras dans le cachot (qui ou qu'est-ce que vous manquerez le plus)
-How you will feel in the dungeon (which or what you will miss more)?

2)Est-ce que tu voudras t'échapper de ton cahot
-Will you want to escape from your dungeon

Thank you.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. There are 4 ways to ask a question. The first sentence, however, requires inversion of the subject and the verb. Word order for a declarative sentence is = subject + verb But the word order for a question of the first type is:
    Interrogative word + verb + subject attached with a hyphen.

    1. Comment te sentiras-tu dans le cachot? Qu'est-ce qui ou qu'est-ce que vous manerez le plus?

    2. Est-ce que tu voudras t'échapper de ton cachot? (spelling)


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    Thanks, but i was a unclear
    I wanted you to check if i translated the french correctly into english.


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    Aha! Here you go then:

    1. How will you feel (future) in the dungeon? Whom or what will you miss most?

    2. Will you want to escape from your dungeon?

    Usually students want to go from English to French; sorry it never occured to me that you wanted to go from French to English!


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