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How does modern science explain the evolution of abiotic to biotic matter?

How would the first life form have survived in the first day / week of its formation? What kind of system of organelles / biological functions would it have to form in the first day / week of it's formation in order to survive?

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    Would the mutations / adaptations have been rapid?

    It would need the ability to absorb, distribute and utilize nutrition properly...

    Any ideas?

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    I have one for ya. Evolution is false.

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    Why would you say that Anonymos person?

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    Because life never evolved from rocks. What a ridiculous absurd idea. Think about it. How the heck would that first evolution survive? It wouldn't. Evolution is not rapid. It is delayed over a long period of time. It would take a lot of energy for rocks to rapidly evolve into a stable life form before it dies. That's why evolution is absurd. Hate me, love me. I don't care.

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    Just because this sub-categorical idea that "life evolved from rocks" is highly unlikely, doesn't mean Evolution as a hole is absurd.

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    "Would the mutations / adaptations have been rapid?"

    The mutations would need to have been almost instantaneous, no?

    I mean, how would this work?

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