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I have two assignments I have to submit to my AP US History teacher for next year by June 2nd. The first part is to explain why I should be in the class in a one page essay with size 11 font and 1.5 spacing. Could someone please read through my essay and see if it's ok? Thank you.

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    The social studies curriculum of schools around the nation emphasizes a combination of different topics that usually pertain to skills necessary for the future. In comparison, it is only for a few years that I can observe the history of the U.S. formally. In my case, I may never get the chance to study my own true culture, and analyze how it has changed overtime. Not to mention that the United States has written quite a history for itself, growing from a small group of angry British colonists that lived in a patchwork frame of colonies to the most powerful nation in the world. In general, history seems like it is a random arrangement of facts, but American history distinguishes itself by weaving facts together into a structured story. I rarely see a class that serves so many purposes for an individual, because AP American History presents the whole book of history in an interesting manner, while staying true to the college course formula to prepare me for success in undergraduate school.
    I am not planning to follow a career path that involves history, so taking this class at this time would be most convenient for me. It will give me a respectable amount of knowledge of American history, before I run into any awkward situations, so that I do not become a stereotypical American type with little knowledge of such things.
    In essence, I could cover all the key elements of an American history class, while preparing for college in a way that only a class at the AP level could do. It provides the writing, reading, and testing experience that I would need. The college credit would allow me to focus on my major in college. Not to mention that the difficulty would force me to learn to utilize my time well, rather than preparing assignments a day or two prior to the due date. This skill will be necessary for me to continue on to more advanced educational opportunities. Although there are qualities I need to develop, I will still be able to contribute to the class in different ways.
    I have had mostly A grade averages in social studies courses throughout school. This demonstrates my ability to cope with work given at each level. My work ethic is solid enough to handle the coursework, and I do not underestimate the class itself. This will make me think carefully about what I submit for grading in the future, and what kind of preparation I do.
    Overall, there are many key reasons why I enrolled in AP American History. There is a certain standard of American culture that all citizens of this nation should understand, especially its history. The convenient timing from taking it next year will allow me to have this knowledge before I enroll in college, and will let me focus on my major at that time. The class is great preparation for college level work. At the same time, I will be able to share my abilities with the rest of the class. In other words, the class will teach me a lot, while it benefits from my presence as well.

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    If copying and pasting the entire paper isn't working, try doing it one paragraph at a time.

    And if that doesn't work, you'll need to type it in.

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