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1. After you read the reading text, write suitable expressions in each blank after you find who sent the letter to whom on which date.

2. What is Mina's mother like to Mina, checking it. Check the box before 'Mina's best friend.'

In #1 and #2, are there any grammatical errors?

3. I like pears. (Are the following answers to this statement all correct?)

Me too.
I like them, too.
So do I.
Same here.

4. I don't like pears. (Are the following answers to this statement all correct?)

Me neither.
I don't like them, either.
Neither do I.

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    #2. Why is "checking it" there? Delete that.

    #3 = You would hear any of those.

    #4 = You could hear any of those as well.

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