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How exactly will I do this? I seriously need help yet,I can't even attempt this. My teacher hasn't taught me this stuff as yet. So help would be appreciated. This is what I'm working on: Command form(imperative mood)negative familiar/polite. I have to change the following affirmative commands to the negative form. (write the word no, the object pronoun(s), and the negative command in the spaces to the right.
There are 22 problems I have to work on. But all I'm asking to work on is the first 3. Thanks:

1. Hágalos en la clase.-------

2. Llévalo a tu casa.---------

3. Escríbale la carta ahora.-----

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    You were on the right path in the later post and these are similar.

    #1 = Hágalos = No los haga...

    #2 = Llévalo = No lo lleves...

    #3 = Escríbale = No le escriba.

    If you see the tú command, you simply write the negative tú. If you see Ud., you write the negative Ud. command.


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