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Hi there. I'm doing a paper on Biology (yes I know, will explain the chem link in a sec) and in it am trying to find the best pH level for Slaters, using limewater and filtered water to change concentrations. I have done experiments and using bunch of ratios (eg 2 parts limewater: 1 part water. What I want to know is: if you know the concentration of the limewater and water used, and the exact amount used, is it possible to calcualate pH using that? And how would I go about doing it?
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    The calculations will be affected a lot by what is in the water already (I assume it is not pure water). You should be testing the water lime mixture for pH, testing is easy with pH paper, and accurate. Any living thing in water affects the pH also, especially with its waste products.
    Test the water pH, don't depend on the "calculated"value to be the real pH.

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