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Could someone please help me I do not know how to figure these problems out:

write the names for the compounds as ionic, polar covalent, or non-polar covalent. SO3/CaO/I2...

write the names for the compounds with these chemical formulas: Ag2SO4/ Lif/
CS2/ and Ca (OH)2

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    Assistance needed.

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    Ag2SO4 is silver sulfate
    LiF is lithium fluoride
    CS2 is carbon disulfide
    CaO is calcium oxide
    I2 is iodine

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    For the life of me, how did you get the title critical thinking out of this. These names are rote memory, millions before you have memorized the elements, and the rules for ide, ite, and ate. It is not critical thinking, nor is it rocket science.

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