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I'm doing sports vocab words right now, and I forgot which words I'm supposed to use faire du de la etc and jouer a jouer a la, etc...

These are the words

la voile
le patinlage
la peche(fishing)
la ski du fond
la crosse
la natation
la plongee(diving)
le billard
le curling
l'equitation(horseback riding)
le handball
le jogging
le ski nautique
le tir a l'arc(archery)

Please help and thanks!

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. You play AT a sport.

    faire voile = to set sail
    check spelling of "patinage" and pêche
    It's le ski = faire du ski du fond
    accent on plongée

    they all take faire.

    jouer à football (a game)


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