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There is one problem on my homework that I cannot really get.

"There is a well off businessperson in England in 1553. The Anglican Church has been the dominant religion since it's beginning during the reign of Henry VIII. Mary I has become the new monarch and she is changing the religion back to Roman Catholic and persecuting all protestants. What is the best thing that he or she should do?"

I think he could leave the country since he has some money and stay an Anglican but I'm not sure where he would go and he would have to move his family and his business or quit. He could convert but that would go against his beliefs. He could also just remain an Anglican and trust his religion to help him, even if he has to risk his temporal life if that makes sense.

Could someone give me his or her thoughts on this? I am having trouble choosing a best answer. I think it would really help me out! Thank you!

  • History -

    He can immigrate to America. That is what many did during religious persecutions during that time. The Catholics and the Protestants took turns persecuting ( killing) one another. A number of the American colonies were settled by refugees from this practice.

  • History -

    Since there were no English colonies in America in 1553, emigrating to Ireland would be a better choice. Check this article.

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