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I need these words translated from Spanish to English but they aren't in my spanish dictionary and when i google the words I get some odd translations that I'm sure aren't accurate. Compraba, compro, esta comprando, se comio, quiere comerse.

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    Compraba- it bought
    compro- i buy
    Se comio- was eaten
    Quiere comerse- want to eat
    esta comprando- this buying

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. What you will find in a dictionary is the infinitive form, ending in -ar, -er, -ir.
    compraba = either 1st or 3rd person singular of the Imperfect; either I used to buy, I was buying or he/she/it/you-formal-singular was/were buying OR used to buy. The terciery tran slation is the same as the preterit = bought.
    compro = I buy, I DO buy, I AM buyING
    se comió = he/she/it/you (Ud.) did eat or ate up
    quiere comerse = he/she/it/you (Ud.) want, do want, is/are wanting to eat up
    Be sure to put accent marks when they are supposed to be there = está com prando = he/she/it/you (Ud.) is/are buying (otherwise "esta" is translated "this")


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    Actually, it is like this (Spanish is my native language after all):

    Compraba- it bought
    compro- i buy
    Se comio- was eaten
    Quiere comerse- wants to eat
    esta comprando- is buying

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