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What happens to the pH of soda as it loses it's carbonation? Would it effect the taste? Why or why not?

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    You have posted several questions with no work on your part. I'm sure you have notes or a text from which you are supposed to get the answers. We can give some web sites, as Ms Sue did for the first question you posted but we are not inclined to simply give you the answers.

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    How do you know I have done no work? Maybe I am checking my results or maybe I just need to see how you get the results you get, I did not want to over write with everything I came up with so I just post the questions, sorry it will not happen again.

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    If you're checking your results, then please post them.

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    You are absolutely right. I don't know that you haven't done any work. I do know, however, that you didn't post any work nor show us that you had done any. We shall be happy to help you with your checking but it's best to work the other way; i.e., you post and we check. Thanks for using Jiskha.

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