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Algebra 2

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Describe two laws of exponents and provide an example illustrating each law. Explain how to simplify your expression.

How do the laws work with rational exponents? Provide a third expression to simplify that includes rational (fractional) exponents

  • Algebra 2 -

    what is your question? I will be happy to critique your thinking.

  • Algebra 2 -

    I don't understand, I'm struggling in math and I thought if I get an understanding of what kind of problems I was looking for, it would make things easier.

  • Algebra 2 -

    How about x^3 * x^4 = x^7

    Can you not describe the rule I used by considering the meaning of powers such as x^3 ?

    how about (x3)4 = x12 ?

    Could you describe that law?

    the basic laws of exponents work with any exponents, whether whole numbers, integers, rational or irrational.

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