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chem lab

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ok I'm having trouble with graphing this chemistry lab. It's on atomic emission spectra. In this experiment we observed the line spectrum of first helium, and here is the data:
color: distance: wavelenght:
violet 20.35cm
light blue 21.70cm
green 23.08cm
light green 22.75cm
yellow 27.70cm
red 31.70cm
faint red 33.95cm
and then for hydrogen:
purple 19.57cm
green 22.47cm
yellow 26.95cm
red 31.00cm

Its given the visible helium emission lines:
wavelenght(nm) relative intensity
447.1 200
468.6 30
471.3 30
and so on...

Also there is a table of colors of visible light:
wavelenght range (nm)
380-420 violet
420-440 violet-blue
440-470 blue
470-500 blue-green
and so on...

Now I'm asked to make a calibration curve for helium. distance along meter stick A vs. waelength
I know Y is the distance (cm)which we found out in the lab and wavelenght (nm) is the X.
I don't understand how I would set up the excel.
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

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    Personally, I wouldn't waste my time on setting up a program on Excel. If you were to do this every day for a year it would make sense but to do it once it is easier to calculate each line and graph it manually. You can be through with it by the time you set up the program. Of course, you may have been asked to graph it ON THE COMPUTER with Excel in which case just ignore this response. I don't know how to use Excel to graph. However, if you will go to the Excel help button and type in graph, the instructions will come up. I have found the Help section very useful.

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