Opinion Question: Your opinions are needed please!

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I am writing an essay and our teacher would like for us to include opinions given by other people.

How should colleges manage their athletic programs in relation to their academic goals?

Your opinions are greatly appreciated!!

  • Opinion Question: Your opinions are needed please! -

    Personally, I don't think colleges should do away with athletic programs. I think they serve a valuable purpose. They cost money, of course, and colleges need money for academic programs, but I think cutting athletics out of the picture is too severe. Neither do I think athletics is a do all and cure all. Most athletic programs subsist on money from ticket sales, donations from private donors, and some state money (for state schools that is). I know of only one athletic program in the country that pays for itself but there may be more since I don't keep with that kind of thing. You're question is a little broad so we could talk about "managing", whatever that means, all night. I hope this helps.

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    yes it does whats your opinion on grade raising for star student athletes

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    No, of course not. Athletes should be graded on the same basis as other students.

  • Opinion Question: Your opinions are needed please! -

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Athletic programs definitely have their importance. It would be a mistake to eliminate them. Many high schools have cut athletics because of budget cuts and the students themselves have to bear the brunt of that = by purchasing a lot of the equipment. That is fair if they continue that sport and retain the equipment they have purchased.

    It's very difficult to find a "balance" in life but that doesn't mean we should not try!


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    I think it's retarded that any educational institution, be it middle school, high school, or college should give up its athletic programming, regardless of what the state or governmental officials think. Athletics are a very necessary commodity in the schools because it teaches teamwork, and camaraderie, two very important issues if you are trying to make it in the business world.
    As for how they should manage the athletics with the academics, the athletes should be graded just as fairly as the rest of the students. If they (the athletes)are not making the grade, they should be cut from the team until they bring up their grade. There isn't any sense in cutting out a whole athletic program because of finances, because athletics is a necessity.

  • Opinion Question: Your opinions are needed please! -

    I'm also writing a research paper on the same topic and I'm finding it difficult to find sources. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

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