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English Expression

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Let's find out the differences between Parent's Day in our country and Mother's Day or Father's Day in America.

In our country, a memorial day is set by a special date. However, in America, it can be set as an ordinal number day of a special month. For example, Parents' Day is May 8th in our country. However, in America, Mother's Day is the second Sunday in May.

There is a set form in writing a letter. So when you write a letter, you begin with a greeting like 'Dear Mrs. Johnson.' After you write the body, you finish the letter with the closing word such as 'Yours truly.'

After you read the letter in the reading text, write down when who sent the letter to whom.
Who __________
To whom ________
When _________

To Mi-na, what is her mom like? Check the suitable item.

Would you check all the expressions above? Correct the errors,plese.

  • English Expression -

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum.

    line 4 = ordinal should be ordinary
    line 9 = ...write down who sent the letter to whom and when.

    Instead of '...' use "..."

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