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how do you evaluate these numbers?


I have looked every where and I need help please.

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    Basically, the number inside the / / is always positive. Only if it has a negative sign on the OUTSIDE, is it negative. The / / means "absolute value" which is simply how far away from 0 on a number line the number is. So, /-48/ is 48 spaces from 0, so it's value is 48.
    Hope this makes sense!

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    does it look like this?

    │-48│ - │-20│

    if so, you are dealing with "absolute value".
    it simply means take the positive value of the number you are dealing with, so ...

    │-48│ - │-20│
    = 48 - 20
    = 28

    and -│-51│
    = - 51

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    By take away the numbers.

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