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I have three questions, and I'm just really not sure how to answer any of them.

1. What position has the Dalai Lama taken on this issue?

2. Based on the human rights issues in Tibet, should the U.S. Olympic team boycot the Olympics in China? Why or why not?

3. Considering the human rights issues in Tibet, should the President of the United States attend the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in China? Why or why not?

(In question one, it's referring to the issue: Should American foreign policy towards China be based on human rights considerations for Tibet?)

Thank you so much in advance. (:

  • Social Studies - - Tibet and China -

    These sites will help you answer the first question.

    (Broken Link Removed)

    The other two questions ask for YOUR opinions. We'll be glad to critique them if you post them.

  • Social Studies - - Tibet and China -

    Ugh! I cannot seem to answer the first question. I'm having quite some difficulty.

  • Social Studies - - Tibet and China -

    Apparently the Dalai Lama hasn't taken a public stand on U.S. foreign policy toward China. Check this article.

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