Calculator problem-- urgent!!!

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Hi, I'm trying to graph the equation "y=3x" on my graphing calculator BUT the "x" is in exponential form-aka small and up to the right of the 3. How do I graph it?
I know that you go to "y=" and then I typed a 3, but how do I get that little x?
Thanks very much

  • Calculator problem-- urgent!!! -

    That would depend on your calculator, but you may have a "^" button for raising a base to a power.

  • i still can't do it-- what are the exact steps??? -

    please and thanks

  • Calculator problem-- urgent!!! -

    Do you still an operations guide or a user's manual for your calculator? What type of calculator do you have? What class is this for? You are responsible for learning how to work your own either by looking it up or asking somebody who would know. However, if you want an on paper idea of what the screen would look like, then just plug and chug in order to plot points. If x=0, then y=0. If x=+1, then y=+1. If x=-1, then y=-1. A good window screen size would be from -3 up to +3 on each axis in increments of 1 unit. The resulting shape would feature a line going up in the upper right quadrant box and another line going down in the lower left quadrant box. Honestly, I did not remember seriously considering this in intense detail until college level pre-calculus.

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