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please tell me why it is:
vous aiment des roses?
and not:
aimez-vous des roses?

And I've also read once "vous veulent"

how can VOUS go togehter with a verb in the third person plural (instead of the second person plural)???

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    the second question :

    i think it was : ils( or elles) vous veulent....
    the subject is "ils"(or "elles") so you have the third person plural

    the correct form is "aimez-vous les roses?"
    but "vous aimez les roses?" is correct too

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    Thank you - I thought that this was a mistake on the page where I read that.
    (But then I thought maybe it is a special form that I have never heard of....)

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    or it is a question

    vous veulent-ils/elles...?

    but "vous veulent" is incorrect

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    Autre foix, bien fait!

    There are 4 ways to ask a question:
    1. Est-ce que vous aimez des roses? (beginning with "est-ce que/qu'.....")
    2. Vous aimez des roses? (straight word order, as in a declarative sentence, adding the question mark)
    3. Aimez-vous des roses? (inversion, verb + subject with the hyphen)
    4. Vous aimez des roses, non? (Straight word order plus a comma and t hen the word "non")


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    Thank you very much. I had read that sentence: "vous aiment des roses" and I was wondering if that could be true - perhaps some special tense that I hadn;t heard of before-(especially since I once also read: vous veulent)or if it was merely a misprint. Limited though my knowledge of French is, I had never heard of using the third person plural form of a verb with a second person plural noun.
    Merci encore une fois pour votre aide

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