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Discuss the likely considerations and strategy for a company aiming its market launch at Everett Rogers¡¦ ¡¥early adopters¡¦ category.

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    According to Rogers, consumers can be grouped according to how quickly they adopt a new product. Some consumers adopt the product as soon as it becomes available. On the other hand, some consumers are among the last to purchase a new product. As a result, the new product adoption process can be modelled in the form of a bell-shaped diffusion curve. See figure 1. As Rogers states, early adopters tend to be opinion leaders. In addition, the early majority adopts the product once it has been proven by the early adopters. Moreover, one of the features of late majority is that they acquire a product only after it has become commonplace. Therefore, it seems that target early majority can help marketers understand the position of their products in the market. This may due to the opinions from them usually reflect the advantages and disadvantages of products. Additionally, they can help to build public praise of a new product or service by spreading word of mouth. As a result, it can be said that effectively understand and manage early adopters provides valuable information for firms to launch a new product.

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    As has been discussed above, the experiences from early adopters can help marketers to understand the advantages and drawbacks of the product. Therefore, an interview of focus group may be one effective method to listen to consumers¡¦ voice. It has been wildly accepted that a focus group can be used on studying consumers¡¦ behaviours. In addition, it is also helpful in understanding why they buy or not buy the product, as well as how they think the product means to them. As a result, interviews from focus groups can cover the disadvantages of quantitative research, such as limited information on explanations of consumers¡¦ buying behaviours, and effectively collect valuable information for firms.

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    To conclude, early adopters are opinion leaders when a new product just launched into the market. They spread after buying experience and affect the majority of buyers¡¦ attitudes (Rogers). As a result, collect and manage their opinions are important to firms. Marketers may gain this information through focus groups¡¦ interviews as well as create positive public praise by using internet communities.

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