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what is 1% of £117.

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    .01 x 117 = ??

    It'll end up being £1.17 - because in this case, all you really have to do is move the decimal point two places to the left.

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    hello there, my tutor taught me this very impressive way to work it out, tis way will help you in science as well and it will impress all of you teachers, show then this and they will be sure to mark up your grade ( that's what happened to me )... first of all you need to memorise Pythagoras, you make a triangle then put one side 1% and other side 117 and leave the hypotenuse blank you then put square root of 117^2 + 1^2. the answer is 117.0042734= this is equal to the moons shade capacity, therefore this rule will help you in science, make sure you state that statement in class( the teachers will think you do great research, they gave me an award on this) anyway back to the question... 117.0042734/ 100= 1.1700...
    so the answer is 1.17( this is a really good way to impress you teachers) hope this help beta! ;) geashee Krishna!

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