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ce qui est plus correct?
je LE vois ou je LUI vois??
Merci beaucoup en avance pour votre aide

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    "Je le vois" est le mieux - i see him
    je la vois i see her

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    merci; et comment dit-on "I see it"
    would that not also be "je le vois" and, if so, how can I distinguish between the two?

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    i see it - "je le vois" or "je la vois"

    to distinguish the two :
    the same thing in english
    "i see it" refers to a thing, an object
    "i see him/her" refers to a person
    je le/la vois : if you can ask"je vois QUOI? le/la refers to a thing
    i see the chair/i see it-- je vois la chaise/je la vois
    if you can ask"je vois QUI? le/la refers to a person
    i see Tom/i see him-- Je vois Tom/je le vois

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    thank you

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    one more thing

    je LUI vois means "je lui prédis" (i preditc him/her)
    in this case with the term "lui" the verb "voir" means"prédire/to predict)

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    oh - I see; thank you

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum and mk-tintin's excellent help. What you are working with are object pronouns.

    Direct-Object pronouns = me (m'), te (t'), le, la (l'), nous, vous, les

    Indirect-Object pronouns = me, te, lui, nous, vous, leur

    NOTE that it is the 3rd person that causes difficulty. In English the difference is (D.O.) her, him it and them but the I.D.O. either states or has understood (to, for, at, from) him, her, them.


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