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Methanol burns in oxygen to make carbon dioxide and water. The equation is exothermic, with 1452kJ/mol. of energy being released.

(a)Write a balanced equation for the combustion of methanol.
-methanol+oxygen=carbon dioxide+water
(how do you balance it?)

?(b)State how much energy (in kJ) us released when 1 mole of methanol is burned.

?(c)Calculate the amount of heat energy released on burning 4 moles of methanol.

(d)What is the molar mass of methanol?(=32) Use the value to calculate the energy release when 4g of methanol is burned. (use n=m/Mr ?)

(e)Calculate the mass of carbon dioxide produced when 16g of methanol is used. (use n=m/Mr ?)

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    2CH3OH + 3O2 ==> 2CO2 + 4H2O

    b)The problem states 1452 kJ/mol

    c,d,e are standard stoichiometry.

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