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What is the correct answer?

Question: An electroplating cell operates for 35 min with a current of 1.9 A. Calculate the amount, in moles, of electrons transferred.

My work:
Ne = It/F

= 1.9A(2100 s)/9.647 x 10^4 C/mol

= 3990/9.647 x 10^4 C/mol

= 4136000

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    Your numbers are ok but you must have pushed the wrong button somewhere.
    3990 is coulombs.
    96,485 is a Faraday but the difference between that and the number you used won't make that much difference.
    But I calculate 3990/9.6485 x 10^4 = 0.04135. I think you keyed in 9.647 x 10^-4 instead of 9.647 x 10^+4

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