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I am confused as to how light would work in the following question:

Some very efficient streetlights contain sodium vapour under high pressure. They produce light that is mainly yellow with some red. Should a community having these lights buy dark blue police cars? Why or why not?

I'm guessing that the lights would make the cars look yellow???

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    If the police cars looked yellow, that means they are reflecting yellow light. Does blue reflect blue? What happens to yellow light on a blue surface. Why is grass green?

    I will be happy to critique your thinking.

    As a side note, yellow green is becoming a very popular color for fire engines. This is because....

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    So the cars will reflect blue light, but since no blue light is being emitted, they won't look blue? Since yellow light is a combination of red and green light, no blue is involved. One will not be able to see the police cars???

    Thank you for your help!! :)!

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    excellent reasoning.

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    Thank you for your help! :)

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