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Mechanical engineering

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A bullet of mass 50 grams is fired horizontally into a wooden block of mass 0.2kg. The wodden block is suspended from the ceiling by a long string as shown in the diagram. After impact the bullet is embedded in the block and bullet and the block swing together until the block is 0.12 m above its initial impact. find a) the velocity of the bullet and block just after impact

b) the velocity of the bullet just before impact.

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    m g h = (1/2) m v^2
    (.050 +.2)* 9.8 * .12 = .5 (.050+.2) v^2
    1.176 = .5 v^2
    v = 1.53 m/s for part a

    momentum before = .05 Vo
    momentum after = .25 *1.53
    Vo = .25 * 1.53/.05
    Vo = 7.67 m/s

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