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There is a time table for the students.
This activity is to fill in the names of subjects in the blanks in the time table. They hear sentences. after that they should write down three subject names in the blanks of the time table.

Do you have fine arts on Monday? Yes, we do. At what time? At 9 o'clock.
OK. Everyone.

The first period starts at 9 and ends at 9:45.

1. You should write down 'Fine Arts' in the Monday column, at the first period(class).

2. You should write down 'Fine Arts' in the Monday column, in the first period(class) row.

3. You should write down 'Fine Arts' in the Monday column, on the first period(class) row.

4. You should write down 'Fine Arts' in the Monday column, in the first row.

5. You should write down 'Fine Arts' in the blank in the Monday column, in the first period(class) row.
Are the explanation grammatical?
Would you correct errors?
Which one is correct among the five expressions?

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    You should delete the parentheses around "class" in those sentences. You should also use the preposition "for" in place of "at," "in," or "on."

    Here's what I think works best:
    You should write down 'Fine Arts' in the Monday column, for the first period class.

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    You should also delete that comma after "column."

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    how would i write Monday may . no year in fact the sentence states On Saturday June 5, out biennial celebration will begin. where do the commas go

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