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How do you solve the rational equation:


I know that the LCD of the equation is (n+2)(n-2) because that is what you get when you factor out the n^2-4 in the last part of the question. I thought I did it right until I reached the end where I don't know how to solve it.


    So why not multiply each of the three terms by that LCD that you found to get

    n(n+2) + n(n-2) = n

    expand and solve as a quadratic.
    I factors very nicely and has 2 simple answers.


    That's just it. I don't know how to factor it out because i keep getting 2n^2-n=0


    2n^2 - n = 0 is correct.
    Now take out a common factor

    n(2n-1) = 0
    n=0 or n = 1/2

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