To Kill A MockingBird ..please help.

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Hi, in to Kill A mockingbird , can you please help me out, and tell me any significant events that happen in CHAPTER 23? I am suppose to explain why the events , important speeches in Chapter 23 are important.

All I can really think of is that Attticus decision of that carrying a gun to defend himself against Bob Ewell's threat is significant because it teaches Jem and Scout that guns do not equal courage.

I am stuck on this.. pleasehelp.

  • To Kill A MockingBird ..please help. -

    Check this site.

  • To Kill A MockingBird ..please help. -

    One of the significant event i see is when Jem comes to an understand that Boo radley chooses to stay inside.
    Is that right?

  • To Kill A MockingBird ..please help. -

    Are you reading the same chapter summary that I am?

    What about the discussion about jury trials? What about the discussion about how white men's testimonies always are believed while black men's
    testimonies are not? What about the discussion of social classes?

  • To Kill A MockingBird ..please help. -

    Sorry, I'm having a really hard time understanding the book.

    I read all that, but why are they significant though?

  • To Kill A MockingBird ..please help. -

    They are significant because they helped the readers of the time see the social injustice in segregation. They help form the way we see social classes today.

  • To Kill A MockingBird ..please help. -

    Thanks for your help Amanda.
    and also Ms. Sue

  • To Kill A MockingBird ..please help. -

    You're welcome.

  • To Kill A MockingBird ..please help. -

    i want the summary of chapter 5

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