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help! Is it best to adjust instruction to teach in accordance with individual learning styles, or should students experience and be encouraged to participate in activities that require learning styles other than those they naturally prefer? In other words, if a child’s preferred learning style is visual and field independent (prefers to work alone), should all instruction be based on visual, independent activities, or should the student also be accountable for participation in group activities that incorporate other modes of learning (for example, bodily/kinesthetic, auditory, and so forth)?

What factors influence how educational experiences of boys differ from educational experiences of girls?

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    I believe that students should be accountable for learning in various modes. It's impossible in a classroom of 25 or 30 to teach each child in his/her preferred mode. Most kids can and do learn from a variety of modes. It's the student's responsibility to try various modes and to use the modes that help him/her the most during independent study (homework).

    What do your text materials have to say about the second question?

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The first thing we always did in class was discuss what kind of learner each student was: visual, aural, kinesthetic. Many students are a combination of two of these. Although each student needs to his/her strengths and weaknesses, we envolved every style of learning. Because I taught foreign language, we did many activities trying to touch all the senses, including TPR (Total Physical Response.) In my opinion the more modes of learning, the better. That way the student will learn the preferred style, but be willing to try all.

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    I agree, Sra.

    During my first of teaching, I taught French to academically talented 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. At that time, the oral-aural approach was recommended. However, I had one class of 4th graders who asked also to see the words on the board. Of course I did so. :-)

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